It WAS the most wonderful time of the year. Now that the holiday season is saying its goodbyes and people are returning to work, our brains are going into overdrive to return to our work head space— instead of holiday brain.

Whether or not you work from home, in an office, or out in the field, these tips can help anyone get their productivity back and better than ever.

These 5 tips can help anyone get their productivity up


1. Create a to-do list

Nothing screams productivity more than having a list to accomplish for the work day. By having a to-do list, it allows workers to visually see what needs to be accomplished, gives them a direct and focused task to complete and what feels better than checking off some boxes?

Whether it’s a simple task like checking emails or finally getting around to that project that was too good not to procrastinate, a to-do list can put your brain back into work mode.


2. Engage with coworkers

Heading back to work can be exhausting, especially after kicking it back and relaxing from the holidays. One way to get your productivity on is surrounding yourself with your coworkers.

This could be in your physical work setting, or chatting over Zoom meetings. By engaging with your coworkers and getting those brains churning both socially and professionally, a lot can be accomplished in your day-to-day work tasks.

Catch up with your coworkers. Did they have an eventful break? Did they get that shirt they always wanted as a present? Do they remember what needed to be on your bosses desk at the end of the work day on the first shift back?

Talking with coworkers will get your mind back into work mode and leave those holiday thoughts behind.


3. Take breaks

I’d like to meet whoever is able to jump right back into work mode after being on break from working. For most of us, it will take some time to readjust our schedule and rhythm back into the work setting.

In order for workers to ease their way back in, a break or two (if applicable) can allow the work to flow smoothly with productivity throughout the work day.

By jumping straight into work mode, our minds and bodies will get clouded, overworked or so focused on finishing work that really isn’t that great.

Allowing a break in the workday can help workers refocus, make a game plan on what they need to finish and be able to complete more tasks with a fresh and open mind.

Even if this is just taking a little stroll to the water fountain (if places even have those anymore) or grabbing a quick snack, these breaks will help us take a step back and see what we need to accomplish for the day more clearly.


4. Create a work-friendly environment

What’s worse than coming back to your work space and having it be unorganized, messy and basically look like a bomb went off? In order to be productive, your workspace should match how you want your headspace to be. Clean and organized.

As silly as it sounds, declutter your work environment to start fresh. Whether this is at your personalized office space, your designated cushion on the couch or wherever you work.

Your productivity will increase with your mind being able to focus on the task at hand rather than trying to find that favorite pen you could’ve sworn was in your desk drawer to take notes during the meeting.


5. Refresh your mind of deadlines— and check those emails

One of the best ways to be productive is to set manageable and timely deadlines. When returning to work, the first step to getting back into work mode is to know what you have to accomplish, and when it needs to get done.

By having set deadlines with clear and distinct notions, it creates a schedule and allows workers to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

And check those emails. What better way to refresh that mind than to read what’s been sitting in that inbox while you’ve been away.


By using these simple steps, anyone can get their productivity back and better than ever after the holiday season. 

Which one have you used before? Comment down below and let us know if this list has helped boost your productivity up!

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